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Do you want to have a sonic corporate identity developed for your brand? Does your project need a very specific sound design? Or you are you wondering how fast your voice-over recording will be ready? Of course questions will arise about what Fine Tune Audio can do for you, and how we work. Here we have listed the most frequently asked questions. 

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(1) General questions

What is Fine Tune Audio?

Fine Tune Audio is an audio studio based in Haren (Groningen province). We compose and produce music, sounds and voice recordings for media projects of all kinds - commercials, theater productions, web videos and more. We also help brands form a music strategy and ensure the most optimal placement of the audio created. Fine Tune Audio works closely with advertising and media companies and therefore has knowledge of all modern recording techniques and audio standards. All of our audio is custom made.

What do you mean by "custom made audio"?

Fine Tune Audio composes all music specifically for the task at hand. This includes our sounds and all of our voiceover recordings.  We never deliver productions that contain third party stock music unless otherwise agreed.

What do you mean when referring to your database of pre-recorded work?

Fine Tune Audio has existed for over a decade. As a result, we have a large amount of work composed and recorded by us that has not yet been used. We make this database available to interested parties. This way you can take a previously written track and get a musical addition for your project very quickly.

How long does it take you to deliver an audio product?

This depends on a number of factors. The duration, size and complexity of a project will affect our delivery time. We will therefore give a guideline of how much time a project will take, prior to agreeing on a quote. We aim to deliver your voice-over project within 48 hours. If your project is on a limited time budget, feel free to reach out so we can discuss the possibilities.

Can I place an order on the weekend?

Although we enjoy our work, we do not work during weekends or holidays. Therefore, we will only process your request during business hours. If you order a project during the weekend, on a holiday or outside office hours, we will process your order on the next business day.

(2) Financial questions

What does buyout mean?

Copyright law applies to all creatively made content. All audio recordings made by Fine Tune Audio are copyrighted. To use the audio we create, you will need a buyout per broadcast medium. Buyouts are always clearly stated on our prepared quotes. The amount of the buyout for commercials is determined by the broadcast medium and the level of exposure.

What does Fine Tune Audio classify as commercials?

The cost of buyout for commercials is determined by the broadcast medium and the level of exposure. All projects that are pushed with a marketing budget (including online) are considered commercials. When a project is only shared organically (only on its own website) we do not count it as a commercial.

What does licensing mean?

Fine Tune Audio has a large database of previously written, but until now unused, music and sounds. Recordings from our database can be purchased exclusively (see Buyout) but can also be licensed to be used for a specific time period.

For how long is a license valid?

Our licenses cover a duration of 1 year, or a user duration of 3 years. During this period you can use the production for all the practices covered by the license. After the license expires, you must contact us to renew the user license.

If you already know that a 3-year license will not be enough, feel free to contact us. Then we can discuss the specific details needed for your license.

What can I use my licensed product for?

At Fine Tune Audio we use two types of licenses. Each type of license has its own uses and limitations: pay close attention to the media on which you may use the track with your license.

First, we offer non-commercial licensing for each track: the Basic User License. This covers a wide range of opportunities, including artistic, educational, scientific, and personal projects that will not be traded, promoted, or sold. Examples include, but are not limited to, presentations, art and theater performances, educational projects, free and ad-free apps.

Second, we offer commercial licenses for any production: the Full User License. Commercial use is any purpose that is marketed, promoted or sold or involves a financial transaction. Examples include, but are not limited to: TV, radio and online ads, apps that are sold or contain advertising, commercial movies, advertisements, commercial websites, and charity marketing.

Are voiceover recordings based on a license?

No. The cost of a voice-over is broken down into two main categories.

Firstly, production costs. This includes everything from voiceover fees to studio costs. Production costs usually vary based on the length of the script and the project.

Second, buyout. This is similar to a license in that the buyout includes fees based on the medium of use, time frame of use, and how the voiceover is used. This is only required for commercial use, and will not usually be handled for personal websites and organic online shared material.

What are your rates for music, voice-over recordings or sounds? 

Every project is different. That's why we don't have bite-sized rates for projects in certain categories. Fine Tune Audio always offers a custom quote for every project. Fair, transparent and in line with the market. So you never pay too much for your project and both parties are treated fairly. All our quotations are without obligation.

Do your prices include or exclude VAT?

All prices listed on our website are exclusive of 21% VAT, unless otherwise indicated. On the invoice of your order, the VAT will be added to the amount payable.

How can I pay for my project?

Payments can be done via iDeal, with creditcard or with PayPal.  For regular customers and resellers it is possible to pay later by invoice.

Can I change my order after I have placed it?

Yes, it is possible to communicate changes to us. If we have already started the work, we may charge additional fees - depending on the work already done.  We may also charge if the latest version of the project is longer than the earlier version. Please contact Fine Tune Audio to discuss your options.

(3) Technical Questions

How and in what format do you deliver audio?

Fine Tune Audio records everything in the most modern audio standards. We deliver all audio, unless otherwise agreed, via a WeTransfer link. We record everything in 48 kHz (bitrate) and in 24bit (bitdepth).  

What kind of equipment do you record audio with?

Every project needs its own sound and therefore we arrange our equipment accordingly. We have a large collection of instruments, microphones and other gear so for each project we choose the most suitable options. Of course we have some favorites: for voice recordings, for example, we regularly use a high quality Bottle microphone from Blue.  

Can I use my own equipment during the recording session?

You certainly can! After all, you are the artist and so you determine your sound. If we have similar gear, we will offer it to you - so you don't have to carry it all with you. We have a large number of instruments, amplifiers, microphones and peripherals. If our audio engineers suspect that your own gear is defective or does not function optimally, we will offer you an alternative.

(4) Legal questions

How does Fine Tune Audio handle confidential information?

We treat all information, texts and documents you share with us as confidential and do not share them with third parties. We only use information for the purpose for which it was provided. For acquisition purposes, we may mention your name as a reference to potential clients. If you prefer not to, please let us know.

(5) Business

Resellers / Suppliers / Customers

How do I become a reseller?

You can send us a request through our contact form. We will then see if it is possible for you to become a reseller. Our resellers are selected by us on the basis of requests sent to us. If multiple projects are purchased, we can accept your request for reseller faster.

What are the benefits of being a reseller?

The benefits of being a reseller are tremendous. You are always assured of better prices. You also have your corporate identity in every customer contact point and you determine the prices for your customer. Finally, you get the option to pay by invoice and you get access to all our voices for your business.