Sonic Branding Why it Should Matter to You

Audio branding, or sonic branding, is an essential component of marketing strategies. It is the use of sound to influence customer behavior and shape perceptions. Audio branding experts travel all over the world to work with global agencies and brands, helping them to use a combination of science and art to transform sound into something that's designed to influence behavior and shape perceptions.

Audio branding uses audio mnemonics or audio logos, which are sets of sounds or notes that trigger a memory of the brand that they represent. For example, 90% of the world's population recognizes the five notes that make up the Intel audio logo. But beyond recognition, sound has the capacity to generate a physiological response. In an experiment, 50 volunteers were wired up to measure the pupil, galvanic, and brainwave responses to a series of sounds, and the sounds were ranked based on the order of how intense the response was to the sound. The Intel audio logo had such a powerful response that only one sound could beat it: the sound of a baby crying.

In one experiment, a liquor store played French music for their customers and more than 70% of the wines sold that day were French. When they switched to German music, most of the wines sold were German! In another experiment, turning off the sounds of slot machines caused a drop in revenue, which shows how much audio can influence decisions we make.

Audio branding experts can create a unique sound for brands and companies that represents their values and makes an emotional connection with their audience. By doing this, brands can stand out in a crowded marketplace and increase customer loyalty and revenue.

In summary, audio branding is important when creating a strong brand. It's all about using sound to create an impression, emotion, and behavior in people. By working with professionals to create a unique audio logo, brands can build a stronger emotional connection with their audience and ultimately increase their success.