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Sound Design

Ask yourself what makes your favorite movie so exciting or beautiful. It's the main character, the bad guy, that one fight scene, that romantic moment and, of course, the beautiful music score. But perhaps the most underappreciated aspect of media releases is sound design. Now, what is sound design?

At Fine Tune Audio, we often say, "Good sound design is a mood enhancer". Simply put, sound design is anything audible that directly serves to what you see on screen. This can include music, of course, but also sound effects, background noise, not yet existing sounds or a deep hanging drone.

Sound design is something you shouldn't really notice. Sound should be flawlessly intertwined with the images, and that is certainly no easy task. Turn your story into a tangible experience, and choose sound design from Fine Tune Audio.

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I like films where the music and the sound design, at times, are indistinguishable.

Christopher NolanMovie Director
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Sound effects

Sound effects, or SFX, are the silent engine of almost every media project. For example, imagine a motion picture where all you hear is music. It might be beautiful and cinematic for a while, but over time it only detracts from the experience of the story. At Fine Tune Audio, we believe that sound effects are just as important as the image and the music.

Hurried, irregular and echoing footsteps will leave your audience on the edge of their seats. A deeply booming bass and the soft sound of people yelling give you the vibes of a night out. The combined sound of a donkey and a baby makes the sound of a fictional, cuddly creature. And a light, soft audible chord makes you feel like you're breathing in the fresh air of nature. Sound effects add an extra dimension to the image and the experience. Fine Tune Audio helps you find this dimension.

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"All foley are sound effects, but not all sound effects are foley". What is foley, and what does this statement mean? Foley are sound effects that must be made in a physical way. Many sound effects are made using existing recordings that are mixed, twisted, reversed and shuffled. But sometimes you need something that sounds more organic, natural or original. That's when we at Fine Tune Audio record foley, using physical objects to create a whole new sound.

We create a rainy thunderstorm with a can full of water and a piece of wobbly metal. A singing whale becomes the sound of a squeaky balloon. And the sound of a battle between two heavily armored knights can be made with a set of spoons. Effective, true-to-life foley makes your project shine. Let Fine Tune Audio help you make your project even more vivid.

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