Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you want to have a your audible corporate identity developed for your brand, need a voice-over for your expression or your entire brand, or you want to have music composed for your film, you might have questions about this. Here we have listed the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, we advise you to reach out to us through mail or by calling.

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  • What is Fine Tune Audio?

    Fine Tune Audio is an audio studio based in Haren (Groningen province). We compose and produce music, sounds and voice recordings for media projects of all kinds - commercials, theater productions, web videos and more. We also help brands form a music strategy and ensure the most optimal placement of the audio created. Fine Tune Audio works closely with advertising and media companies and therefore has knowledge of all modern recording techniques and audio standards. All of our audio is custom made.

  • What do you mean by "custom made audio"?

    Fine Tune Audio composes all music specifically for the task at hand. This includes our sounds and all of our voiceover recordings.  We never deliver productions that contain third party stock music unless otherwise agreed.

  • What do you mean when referring to your database of pre-recorded work?

    Fine Tune Audio has existed for over a decade. As a result, we have a large amount of work composed and recorded by us that has not yet been used. We make this database available to interested parties. This way you can take a previously written track and get a musical addition for your project very quickly.

Ordering process 

  • How do I order a voice-over?

    Ordering a voice-over through Fine Tune Audio can be done in five steps.  (Step 1) Log in to our platform and start a new project, (Step 2) select the desired voice from our voice-over pool, (Step 3) fill in the required text fields with information such as references, the script and length of the production. (Step 4) Book any additional services. (Step 5) Then click order and checkout. After your payment, you're done and we'll get to work for you.

    If you don't have a profile on our platform, then you can easily send us a mail or give us a call and we will accommodate.

  • How do I pay for a voice-over

    You can pay using iDeal, credit card, via invoice or via PayPal.

  • I want to change the text after placing my order, is that possible?

    Yes, it is possible to still make changes to the text. However, if we have already started the work we may charge extra. Also, if the new version of the voice-over script is longer than the previously submitted text, this will involve extra costs.

    If you still want to make a change after you have submitted your voice-over script to us and your order has been placed, it is best to contact us directly to pass this on. This can be done by mail, phone or through the contact form on our website.

  • Why are the fields "post-processing" in the check out form checked by default?

    Post-processing ensures that a voice-over sounds clear on any device, from the biggest TV to the smallest cell phone or iPad. Audio post-production should be part of every voice-over recording. Fine Tune Audio delivers voice-overs with post-processing by default because we believe it is necessary in order to produce a quality voice-over. You can uncheck this option, but in that case you are choosing to order a "not finished" product. If you are able to edit the audio yourself, no problem, you can uncheck this option. But we assume that not everyone has that knowledge and expertise, so post-processing is checked by default in the order form.

  • Within what time frame will I receive the voice-over?

    This depends on a number of factors. The duration, size and complexity of a project will affect our delivery time. We will therefore give a guideline of how much time a project will take, prior to agreeing on a quote.

    We aim to deliver smaller projects within 2 business days of the request. However, there is a chance that the desired voice-over is not available at the time of the request, in which case it may take longer to deliver the voice-over. If it takes longer because the voice-over is not immediately available, we will of course discuss this with you.

    If the voice-over is needed urgently we advise you to contact us by phone and ask for the possibilities.

  • What if I order a voice-over during the weekend?

    Although we enjoy our work, we do not work on weekends and public holidays. We will only process your request during office hours. If you order a voice-over on a weekend, a holiday or outside office hours, we will process your order on the next business day.

  • How do you deliver the voice-over?

    The file format we use is WAV by default, but we can also deliver the voice-overs in another file format. If you would like this, please let us know. We deliver all audio, unless otherwise agreed, via a WeTransfer link. We record everything in 48 kHz (bitrate) and in 24bit (bitdepth).


  • What does a voice-over cost?

    The cost of a voice-over depends on the length of the text and what kind of production it is. We like transparency and that's why we have clear and competitive prices. If you want to know what a voice-over costs, follow the steps of the ordering process and at the end you will see the price. Please note that in some cases the price is on request. In case the outcome of the ordering process is 'price on request', we will do our best to send you a quote as soon as possible.

  • Are the voice-overs unlimited?

    This varies by product category. Our licenses cover a duration of 1 year, or a user duration of 3 years. During this period you can use the production for all the practices covered by the license. After the license expires, you must contact us to renew the user license.

    If you already know that a 3-year license will not be enough, feel free to contact us. Then we can discuss the specific details needed for your license.

     If it is a radio commercial, TV commercial or web commercial, you must indicate this to us so we can provide the proper buy-out and pay our voice-over artists properly.

  • What does 'buy-out' mean?

    Copyright law applies to all creatively made content. All audio recordings made by Fine Tune Audio are copyrighted. To use the audio we create, you will need a buyout per broadcast medium. Buyouts are always clearly stated on our prepared quotes. The amount of the buyout for commercials is determined by the broadcast medium and the level of exposure.

  • Does the number of words determine the price of my voice-over?

    Partially. When you commission us to produce a voice-over for a video production/business film, voice-response or e-learning project, you need to indicate the number of words involved. The length (in number of words) does indeed partly determine the price of the voice-over.

    Take a critical look at the word count of your script. A long text is often less catchy and therefore less effective than a short and powerful text. In addition, it takes us more time to record a longer text. For this reason, we calculate a price based on the number of words. 

    If the text is longer than what you have indicated on our platform when ordering we will charge the extra cost separately.

  • How do you price radio- and TV-commercials?

    For radio ads and TV ads, we look at the number of versions and the broadcast area (regional/national/international). A commercial with a larger reach is more expensive than a regional commercial, and the number of versions also affects the price. However, the more versions you order, the greater the discount.

    The important thing is that you buy the proper buy-out and license for the right medium, not doing this can result in extra fees.

  • Do your prices include or exclude VAT?

    All prices listed on our website are excluding the standard 21% VAT, unless otherwise indicated. As you reach the checkout for your order, the VAT will be added to your total amount to be paid there.

  • Studio time is expensive, do I have to pay extra for this?

    No. The costs of the studio and studio time are included in the total price for the voice-over. So you do not pay extra for this. Feel free to make a test calculation to find out what the production of your voice-over will cost.

  • Will I receive an invoice after I have ordered my voice-over?

    Yes. If you pay using services such as iDeal or credit card and pay up front, then you will still receive an invoice for the order as that is required by law, but it will state that it is paid. If you opt to pay using the invoice option, OR place your order through e-mail/phone you will receive an e-mail containing our invoice that you have to pay within the set time-frame. Please check your (company) data when completing the order form, so that the data on the invoice is correct.

    Did you not receive an invoice or confirmation? Check your spam folder or please reach out to us.

Our approach

  • When does the voice briefing take place?

    During business hours, we strive to go over the briefing the same day and discuss it with the voice-over artist. Outside of business hours, the briefing will take place on the following business day. After receiving your order we will start working at the project as soon as possible. For example, we check whether we have received the script for your voice-over correctly and whether it matches your order. After that we will contact you by phone to discuss the desired tone-of-voice and other details or to make any changes to the script.

  • In what languages do you provide voice-overs in?

    We offer a wide variety of voice-overs in Dutch, English (UK and US) and German. We also have a wide network and can provide voices in other languages such as Spanish and French. If you can't find your desired language in our database, we will always try to find a voice in the language you wish for. It is our priority to keep our database up to date and to add new voices to our database regularly, so if you are unsure if we have the correct voice get in contact with us.

  • Do you produce voice-overs in dialects as well?

    The Netherlands has many dialects. Are you from Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, Overijssel, Flevoland, Gelderland, Utrecht, North Holland, South Holland, Zeeland, Brabant or Limburg and do you need a voice-over in a particular dialect? Feel free to ask us and we will accommodate you to the best of our abilities.

  • How and where are the recordings made?

    For us, quality comes first. That's why we prefer to record in our own professional studio with state of the art equipment and rooms specifically designed for voice-over recordings.

    Our sound engineer will provide the best sounding recordings, while voice-coaching is used to find the most compelling version of your story. We do this so that we can achieve the highest possible result.

    We have some established collaborations with partner studios that we trust and that work for us. In some cases it is not possible to do the recordings in our own studio. This is for example the case when we work with voice-overs based abroad, namely: the United States, England, France and Germany. In these countries, but also in the Netherlands, we have a number of collaborations with renowned studios so that we can always deliver the quality you expect from us. In all cases we first do a thorough quality check and only offer it to the customer if it meets our standards.

  • How does Fine Tune Audio handle sensitive or confidential information?

    We treat all information, texts and documents you share with us as confidential and do not share them with third parties. We only use information for the purpose for which it was provided. For acquisition purposes, we may mention your name as a reference to potential clients. If this is a problem, then please let us know and we will make sure your wishes are respected.

  • Is it possible to have a voice-over recorded in another studio?

    No, that is not possible. Quality is paramount to us, which is why we only work with regular partners and studios from our own database: studios whose quality we know is guaranteed and with whom we have had previous collaborations.

  • Can I book your voice-artists elsewhere?

    Some of them. Our voices have the right to do business how and where they like. So some voices are exclusive to Fine Tune Audio and can only be accessed through us, but other voice-artists collaborate with other studios as well. However, we can only guarantee our high audio quality when the voice is booked through us due to factors such as studio room, recording equipment and post-processing.


  • Is it possible to become a reseller of the voice-overs?

    It is possible to become a reseller by purchasing three or more voice-overs or by invitation. You must then agree to our reseller agreement. This can be very interesting for parties who regularly purchase voice-overs such as creative agencies, film production houses, advertising agencies, animators, game designers and other creative parties. Check the footer of the website for our reseller page or click here

  • I am a voice-over talent, can I be on your platform?

    We regularly receive requests for new voice talent. In general, we work with voice-overs from our own database. But if you have enough experience, please send a demo (max 10MB) to support@finetune.audio.

    We receive many requests from voice-overs who want to be featured on our website, so a response may be delayed. Please contact us only in the way mentioned above.


  • Can I use samples, audio, images or other content from the website to use in my own work?

     No. We own the rights of use for all the audio and content on our website and it can therefore not be used by third parties. The content we have from third parties is acquired through an agreement with the third party to use their content.  However, you can freely share the url of a voice with your clients, colleagues or team.

  • What kind of equipment do you record audio with?

    Every project needs its own sound and therefore we arrange our equipment accordingly. We have a large collection of instruments, microphones and other gear so for each project we choose the most suitable options. Of course we have some favorites: for voice recordings, for example, we regularly use a high quality Bottle microphone from Blue.  

  • I am looking for a well-known voice for a voice-over, can I book it through you?

    It depends. We might have the voice or we might not; at least not the exact one you're looking for. However, we are happy to help you find an alternative that is just as good, if not better.