Voice-over PRices

A short explanation of prices in voice-overs

We try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to what a voice-over costs. However, every project is different, and therefore the price will also vary from project to project. That's why it is difficult (without information about the project) to give an exact price, but we can give a starting price, feel free to contact us for a free quota. The price of a voice-over is related to two different aspects:


1. Production costs - These are the costs of producing the voice-over. They include the voice-over artist's recording fee, the sound engineer's fee, but also the studio rental fee, the post-production costs (editing and mixing the raw recordings) and any travel expenses for the voice-over. We deliver studio quality voice overs, so you will always get the quality we stand for and are proud of, but we do not compete on price. 

Since we deliver studio quality voice-overs, the production price of an edited voice-over (no post-processing) starts at around €500,- excl. VAT. The production costs of a voice-over will almost always be higher for longer texts than for shorter ones. 


2. The buy-out - Depending on the use of the voice-over, a buy-out might be needed.  If a voice-over is put on a client website or is shared organically online, we do not charge a buy-out. Although, for commercials, for example, a buy-out is always required. In the buy-out you agree on how the voice-over may be used commercially (e.g. on which channels or social media platforms) and within what time frame (one year use is the standard). 

The cost of a buy-out really depends on its use, for example, the buy-out of a regional radio spot is a lot cheaper than that of a national radio commercial. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure whether or not you need buy-out for your production.


Understanding Voice-Over Buy-outs 

What Are Buy-outs and Usage Fees?

In the world of voice-overs, buy-outs and usage fees are crucial concepts to understand. They represent the payments made the right to use a voice-over and the recordings in your projects. These fees ensure that the talent is compensated fairly and that you have the necessary permissions for using the recordings.

The Pricing of a Buy-out:

The buy-out price is comprised of various fees that decides how and where you can use the voice-over recording. These generally consist of:

  • Project Medium: The different media affects the price, and a TV-commercial will have a different buy-out compared to radio, and that again compared to online media.
  • Duration of Usage: Longer usage periods generally mean higher costs. But note that our buy-outs last for a minimum of a year.
  • Geographic Reach: Wider geographic coverage (regional vs. national vs. international) can increase the fees.
  • Voice Actor’s Experience: Established artists with a strong reputation may charge more for their services.

Each of these factors entail a variation in the buy-out fee you need to pay to use the recording. When ordering audio for an entire campaign or different components, we can always create a project price specifically for the desired products and services needed for the campaign. This allows us to give a more competitive rate in most cases.

To conclude: Voice-over buy-outs and usage fees are vital for fair compensation and proper usage rights. Whether you’re looking for the buy-out for extensive use or specific use, understanding these concepts will help you choose the right option for your project. 

NOTE THAT Not paying the buy-out as per the agreed terms is essentially a breach of contract. This could lead to legal actions against you as a person or your company, including lawsuits for compensation. A voice actor or their representative (like an agency) may seek legal redress for the unpaid fees. Contact us or see our terms and conditions for full info.