M Line - TV Commercial

Have you ever heard an M line commercial on the radio or TV? Then you've probably heard the fixed brand voice of M line, recorded in our studio.

By using a fixed brand voice you create recognition with your target group. M line also has its own audio house style that is reflected in all the commercials we mix for them.

We werken al ruim 2 jaar met veel plezier samen met FineTune Audio.


Een deskundige en flexibele partij die met ons meedenkt en waarmee het prettig schakelen is.

Sharon van KempenMarketing Manager M line
Over M line

M line. Sleep well. Move better.

Sleep is at the root of any performance. The better the sleep, the greater the effect. By investing in a high-quality M line product, you can be sure of years of enjoyable sleep and waking up feeling rested and fit. Just like the more than 300 top sportsmen and ambassadors who sleep using M line products. 

All M line products are made with the greatest care. To guarantee the durability and quality of our M line mattresses, they are always tested by various independent institutes such as: TÜV, TNO, the Landes Gewerbe Anstalt and the Ergonomic Institute in Munich. In addition, all products are also LGA and Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified. This means that you get up to 10 years warranty on our products. Since 2001, M line has been a prominent provider of sleep systems within the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. 


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