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Why, how and when? What's the deal with audio branding?

A behind-the-scenes look at how we think, work and collaborate at Fine Tune Audio. Together we can strengthen your projects, campaign and branding.

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We assure you a great sounding product, whether this is a complete audio branding, a soundlogo, a campaign that needs music or maybe a voice-over? But how do we work, and when do you even consider making your branding audible? Many companies are aware of the positive changes a sonic identity can be, but choose to wait with it because "it's only for big brands", or similar excuses. Below we try to clear things up a bit and make sure that your branding will sound JUST as good as it looks.

When is sonic branding relevant to me and my company?

The perfect time is now, and here’s why: Integrating sound into your brand identity isn't just 'nice-to-have,' it's a strategic boost that changes the game. The sooner you begin, the deeper your sonic signature will resonate with your audience, which increases memorability and impact. If you already have a solid grasp of your brand's personality, that's great! We can tailor the audio experience to seamlessly align with your existing corporate identity. But if you're still in the brand-building phase or even considering a rebrand, we can be your creative partner in defining, or redefining, how your brand sounds. Remember, it's never too early to think about audio branding. 

Still on the fence? Reach out to us. Let's discuss how we can collaboratively shape your brand's audible identity to amplify its impact.

Why is sonic branding relevant to me and my company?

In an age where digital content reigns supreme, from TikToks to multimedia campaigns, audio branding is more crucial than ever. Just as a striking visual identity turns heads on the street or grabs attention in traditional media, a compelling sonic identity makes your brand unforgettable in the digital sphere. Your unique sound sets the emotional tone of your content, making your brand instantly recognizable amidst the online noise. It's not just a modern trend; it's a branding imperative. So, whether you're a startup or an established brand, your audible identity should be on your radar. Let's make your brand heard as well as seen—talk to us about crafting your sonic identity today.

A campaign or a total rebrand, we recommend to think about audio as early as possible just like shown below.

Lets talk about getting a voice-over

Our approach 

STeP 1

Choosing a voice

The first step is to choose a suitable voice. Fine Tune Audio's voice library contains a large number of professional voice -overs which you can listen to. Maybe you already have an idea of what you like. Or maybe you do not know yet which voice is best for your brand or organization? Either way, we are ready to help you out without any obligation. As soon as we come to an agreement we can schedule the recording session! 

Step 2


At Fine Tune Audio, we record almost all voice-overs in our own studio. Would you like to be digitally present at the recording session? That is possible!  Before the recording session starts we will briefly discuss the script with you. Perhaps certain elements need to be emphasized, or some words have a very specific pronunciation. Our voice-over can take this into account. During the recording session we always record several takes. We coach our voice-over so that we can record your script in different ways, but always with the right tone-of-voice. 

Step 3


During the recording session, we record multiple takes. This stage is followed by the editing of the audio. After removing any unnecessary noises, we make a selection of the best takes so that your story comes out exactly right. Maybe slightly more intensity here, or a little more restraint there. There are many considerations in choosing the right takes. At Fine Tune Audio you are assured of crystal clear voice recordings that convey your story powerfully and effectively.

Step 4


To make your recording sound excellent, we have to edit the audio. This phase is also called processing. While processing the audio, we apply some tricks in our studio to make the voice stand out in the right way. For example, some extra bass can be added to make the voice sound nice and deep. At Fine Tune Audio we believe that processing is the icing on the cake. That is why we put extra emphasis on processing so that your audience can fully understand your story.

Step 5

Loudness monitoring

The final step in the whole recording process is called loudness monitoring. Here we ensure that the voice recording always sounds clear and never overpowers the music or video. We also make sure that the voice can be heard on any medium. With a recording of Fine Tune Audio your story can be experienced optimally, both on large expensive surround systems and tiny laptop speakers.

Want to learn more?

Need help choosing the best voice for your project? Then get in touch with us. We'd love to help you tell your story. If you want to know more about Fine Tune Audio's recording and editing process, please feel free to read our blog "Audio editing in plain language".

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