Post-processing & Audio Repair


1. Audio Clean-up

Trimmed and refined.

Music, voices and sound -  at Fine Tune Audio we record everything with top-notch audio equipment. Nevertheless, it is impossible to prevent ALL unwanted sounds sneaking their way into the recording. Small clicks, breaths or perhaps a bit of buzz. That's why we edit and remove all of these flaws from our recordings to make a cleaner, better sounding recording.

2. Editing

The best takes, making them better.

Whether it's a soft spoken poem, a full big band composition or a sound logo of epic proportions - at Fine Tune Audio we understand what makes a take great. That's why we edit from the best takes, and do your audio message justice. 

3. mixIng

Fully polished.

Quality takes make a project great. But at Fine Tune Audio we are not satisfied with just 'good'. We make every project stand out by applying fine-tuned mixes. During the mix we apply equalization, compression and a whole range of other audio tricks that elevates your project; making it shine in ways you never expected.

4. Mastering

An end result to be proud of.

The final, but crucial, step is mastering. In short: mastering is where we go over all the details to make sure your project sounds great on any device and speaker. At Fine Tune Audio we take into account which modern media your project will be heard on. This way your audience will always hear a clear and crisp sound.

Lets get you the best audio
Audio Repair

Remove the noise. 
Let sound shine.

In a perfect world, every voice-over, instrument and sound would be recorded in a perfect acoustically adjusted environment. Audio engineers would have a much easier job. And the chance of getting good results increases considerably. Sadly, there are times where your recording itself is the main issue. There might be some background noise, maybe a ringing sound, or a car could have driven by in an otherwise perfect take. However, when you try to remove the noise, the audio might end up sounding distant, with artifacts or other irregularities in the audio.

That is why Fine Tune Audio provides audio repair services. After working with audio for many years, we know what disturbances to remove. We have the knowledge and expertise to do it without ruining the quality of the original recording. We utilize market-leading software such as Izotope RX. Whether it is too much echo or a plane flying by in the background, we can drastically improve the recording quality. Just like you would hire a professional painting conservation technician to restore a deteriorating painting, you should employ the professionals of Fine Tune Audio to restore your damaged audio.

Lets fix up your audio