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Windpark Fryslân

Where wind and audio meets.

Our latest project in collaboration with Studio Flink presented us with the opportunity to contribute to the ever-growing field of renewable energy through music and sound design. We were tasked with creating a compelling soundtrack for a television commercial for Windpark Fryslân, our goal was to encapsulate the essence of wind, sustainable energy and frisian culture.

Windpark Fryslân itself is a monumental step towards a greener future, positioned in the IJsselmeer and heralded as the largest inland wind park in the world. This project serves as a testament to the innovation driving the transition to a more sustainable energy landscape. Our challenge was to weave a soundtrack that would resonate with these themes of hope, inspiration, and the purity of clean energy, setting a tone that aligns with the TV commercial and Windpark Fryslân's vision for a sustainable future.

Understanding the story, then telling it.

A central narrative theme in the TV commercial is the relationship between Frisians and the wind. Not working against it, but rather alongside it. Our task was to translate this centuries-old symbiosis into a modern auditory experience that would resonate with viewers, bridging the past and the present. To achieve this, we created melodies and rhythms that embodied the ebb and flow of the wind, using music to symbolize the harmonious relationship the Frisians have maintained with their natural surroundings.

We used digital synthesizers to play arpeggiated chords at first which we thought gave it a very sincere sound. However, we also created the same piece using more natural piano and string sounds. Although the idea originally spurred out of the digital synth sound, it was clear that with a project focusing on working in harmony with nature, the more natural sounds of a piano suited the project better. Have a listen below to the versions to hear the different sounds we tried.

Digital Music
Fine Tune Audio
Natural Music
Fine Tune Audio

Our approach was twofold: creative storytelling through composition and high-quality technical execution. Musically, we employed a blend of traditional instruments and contemporary sound design to capture the essence of the Frisian spirit and their bond with the wind. The use of dynamic arpeggios and airy soundscapes in the background music was specifically designed to evoke the presence of the wind, creating a sense of movement and fluidity that mirrors the natural force's gentle yet powerful nature. 

You can also hear the strings contrasting the flowing arpeggios with its staccato playing. They replace the modern hi-hat beat and the synth organ in the background of the more digital version of the music.

Sound design and music. Hand in hand.

What truly brings all this to life is the extra sound design that happens in the background. Small wind sounds, the brushing of sand paper against wood, and just small pieces of sound here and there that takes it from a nice musical piece to a tangible audio experience. On the side here, you can hear the sound effects from the sound design on its own, and then together with the music. Listen how they complete each other:

Sound effects on their own
Fine Tune Audio
Music and SFX
Fine Tune Audio

Adjusted for the right medium.

On the technical side, we were committed to ensuring that the audio quality met the highest standards for television broadcasting. Adhering to the EBU R128 norm, we mixed the audio to meet specific loudness levels, ensuring that the soundtrack's dynamics were preserved without compromising clarity or the impact. This involved a careful balance of elements within the mix, fine-tuning each layer to achieve an optimal auditory experience that would captivate viewers while sticking to broadcast regulations. Through the creative storytelling and technical precision, we crafted a soundtrack that not only supported the visual narrative of the commercial but also enhanced the overall message of sustainability and innovation that Windpark Fryslân represents.

The change is audible.

The fusion of music and sound design in television commercials is not just about enhancing the visuals; it's about creating an experience that connects with the audience on an emotional level. In the case of Windpark Fryslân, our audio played a pivotal role in conveying the project's core theme.

This project underscored the transformative power of music and sound design in storytelling, highlighting how a well-crafted soundtrack can bring a commercial from a mere advertisement to a compelling narrative that truly resonates with the viewers.


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