Sonic branding for PeterPrint

The process of developing and creating a sonic identity for PeterPrint, a case study.

Introduction to the project.


PeterPrint, a digital printing solutions provider, sought to differentiate itself in a competitive market: they wanted to fully rebrand themselves with a modern and fresh look - but looks isn't everything. Recognizing the power of sonic branding, they approached Fine Tune Audio to create a unique auditory identity that resonates with their brand values, visuals and appeals to their target audience.

Fine Tune Audio

Fine Tune Audio, with our expertise in audio, voice-overs, sonic branding, and sound design, was well-equipped to meet PeterPrint's needs. Our approach combines creative innovation with strategic insight, ensuring that the sonic branding we create not only stands out but also aligns perfectly with the client's brand identity and objectives.

Our process from beginning to end.

Strategy development.

The journey began with an in-depth analysis of PeterPrint's brand values, target audience, and market position. We held meetings and planning sessions with their marketing team to understand their ethos and messaging. These discussions, along with a thorough review of their brand book and buyer personas, helped us gain a clear understanding of the sonic strategy they envisioned.

Furthermore, we took their existing knowledge, and developed our own personas based on music taste and style of PeterPrint's audience. By doing this, we gained an understanding of what music and sound resonates with the target audience, whilst maintaining brand elements in the audio such as printer sounds for a printer company.

Demos and prototypes.

Following the strategy development, our team embarked on the creative process, crafting multiple sonic demos and prototypes (which you can listen to below). Each piece was designed to reflect different facets of PeterPrint's brand personality - from their innovative spirit to their commitment to quality. These demos served as a foundation for further refinement and selection.

 The first round of demos.

We worked with many iterations and various demos and suggestions for PeterPrint.  Inspired by their colorful look we wanted to bring something just as fresh to the table in terms of audio. So, here we are showing some of the first steps we worked through before ending with the final project. We split the task to get three different demos, and therefore give a better selection to PeterPrint. Afterwards it was up to PeterPrint to tell us what they liked, which elements they didn't like and a bit of why that was the case.

Demo A
Fine Tune Audio
Demo B
Fine Tune Audio
Demo C
Fine Tune Audio

Reiterations is the name of the game.

The feedback we got after showing PeterPrint the sound board and demos was very valuable and allowed us to immediately try to incorporate their vision even further. We knew what kind of vibe they wanted better now, and it was time to work it into all the audio.

We now started thinking about the sound logo and finding a fitting brand voice for them, whilst working out new demos that better suited their wishes compared to the first three you heard above.

Demo D
Fine Tune Audio
Sound Logo Demo D
Fine Tune Audio
Brand Voice - What is PeterPrint
Ilinka - Fine Tune Audio
Demo E
Fine Tune Audio

Feedback and finalization.

Feedback from PeterPrint was instrumental in shaping the final sonic identity. The preference was towards 'Demo E', so that's what we went to work with. Their input on the initial demos helped us fine-tune the nuances of the sound, ensuring it resonated with both the brand and its customers. The final track emerged as a true representation of PeterPrint's identity, embodying their values and aspirations in a distinct and engaging auditory form.

Not only did we create a song for them, but split it up into different "sound bites" such as sound logos, sound effects they could use, a proper voice-over to fit their branding, and various lengths of the song so that it could be used over different types of content.

Afterwards, we presented it to PeterPrint and ensured that we had hit the mark with an audible identity that they liked and we were proud of.

The full audio experience.

Listen to the various different sonic elements we ended up creating, from small soundbites and effects, to a full song.

Sound logos.

In these four clips you can hear two variations of the same sound logo and two variations of bumper/teaser audio. 

The first clip is their sound logo, but just pure 'instrumental' and the second sound logo has a printer sound neatly woven into the sound logo.

We also made a bumper to introduce videos or podcasts for example, and here we also made one with and one without printer sounds.

Sound logo with printer sound
Fine Tune Audio
Sound logo without printer sound
Fine Tune Audio
Bumper with printer sounds
Fine Tune Audio
Bumper without printer sounds
Fine Tune Audio

Brand music and voice.

We've made sure to keep everything flexible, so we created a full song and a 60 second version, alongside providing a fitting voice to convey their brand values. All of which have recurring elements to keep it in line with the brand.

Brand song
Fine Tune Audio
60 second version
Fine Tune Audio
Phone call response
Ilinka - Fine Tune Audio
Manifest for PeterPrint
Ilinka - Fine Tune Audio

The impact of sonic branding.

For PeterPrint

The newly developed sonic brand enhanced PeterPrint's brand coherence. It provided a unique auditory dimension to their branding, making them instantly recognizable. 

For Companies in General

This case study exemplifies the broader impact of sonic branding for businesses. A well-crafted sonic identity can elevate a brand, differentiate it in a crowded market, and create deeper emotional connections with the audience. It's an essential tool in the modern marketing landscape, offering a distinct way to communicate a brand's essence beyond visual means.