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David Marcel de Jong

David Marcel de Jong, the driving force behind Fine Tune Audio, is a pioneer and a perfectionist. His studies in 'composition, music, and studio productions' at the Prince Claus Conservatory laid the groundwork for his current venture, where he realizes his musical vision and ambitions. For over a decade, he has been creating unique musical experiences, sound design, and voice-overs for a wide range of film and media productions.

But David is more than just the founder of Fine Tune Audio. He is a multi-talent and passionate about all aspects of music. His free time is often filled with producing new tracks under his alter ego 'Don Marcé', exploring new roads on his racing bike, and enjoying the beauty of nature from his beloved camper van.

His pursuit of perfection is evident in his approach. Never easily satisfied, he dives into the smallest details and commits fully to each project he undertakes. This drive is evident not only in his work at Fine Tune Audio but also in his role as chair of the Knowledge and Innovation Division at the Young Commercial Club, where he promotes the importance of networking and innovation.

David is someone who breathes music and lives for his work, yet never forgets the value of a good adventure. His entrepreneurial spirit and love for music are at the heart of Fine Tune Audio, and his passion is clear in every note he produces.