Fine Tune voices

Developing an innovative software module for voice-overs

Fine Tune Audio, experts in sound recording publication, sees that there is a big change going on in the creative industry. The creative industry is one of the fastest growing and most impactful sectors in the Netherlands. A large part of these creative parties use voice-overs, music and audio in their end products (for example: films on websites, advertisements, in software applications (apps) and in Games).

Previously, under the trade name Fine Tune Voices, Fine Tune Audio explicitly focused on the voice-over market, in which market they currently often have to make a pre-selection of potentially suitable voice-over candidates for clients on a project-by-project basis for incoming requests.  
Fine Tune Audio wants to automate this process and notices a market need for a platform where users can submit voice-over artists and voice-overs according to the 'white label principle' and subsequently book the chosen voice for film and media productions or other projects.

The 'white label principle' means that a product is produced by a company that other companies will sell as their own. The advantage lies in being able to sell a product under your own brand, while the development costs and infrastructure lie with another company.

Fine Tune Audio wants to meet the demand for the 'white label principle' by developing an innovative software module in which they offer their database of professional voice actors to users according to the 'white label principle'. This innovation will enable the user of the software to preselect voice talent profiles from Fine Tune Audio's database and present them to the client in the user's own corporate identity.

A voice over buyer, for example a filmmaker, will be able to offer voice overs from Fine Tune Audio's database in their own corporate identity to his clients as his own in-store voices and recordings. This way the filmmaker creates a more professional image towards his customers. By developing the innovative software module for voice-overs, Fine Tune Audio creates added value for its users.

Fine Tune Audio wants to make the access to its (voice-over) database easy. A combination of developing its own software and applying the 'white label principle' (something that has never been applied before within the voice-over industry) makes this a unique and innovative solution for its clients. For the development of this innovative software module Fine Tune Music received the VIA grant from SNN, this grant is a contribution from the European Fund for Regional Development.

Innovation anno 2022

Full steam ahead

The realization of this project was made possible by a grant from SNN and a contribution from the European Fund for Regional Development.