Fine Tune Audio on AI in Audio

At Fine Tune Audio, we're at the forefront of a thrilling and exciting juncture in the world of audio and voice-over work, thanks to AI technology and the improvements made to text-to-speech so it sounds more real than ever. However, as we enter this new era, our excitement is matched by the sense of responsibility and a bit of skepticism. We think that if used properly, AI can be a benefit to all. But there are many hurdles we have to get over and many parties to consider. So, here are some of the thoughts we have with this new disruptive technology.

Embracing AI with Care

AI voice cloning offers incredible opportunities. It's not just about the novelty or the technological achievement; it's about how it can enhance our projects and serve our clients better. From the smallest amendments in audio that can be fixed through AI, to historical documentaries narrated by figures of the past. Or even to therapeutic applications that offer closure to people; the potential is VAST.

However, this advancement isn't without its challenges. The core of our approach at Fine Tune Audio is to ensure that this technology can be used to benefit those who need voice-overs and audio. But this has to happen without sidelining the talented voice artists in our industry, or other stakeholders and people such as friends and family. We are committed to a sustainable, inclusive, and ethical approach to AI in audio, whilst making information and content accessible for more people through the use of AI.

The Balance of Innovation and Responsibility

Yes, AI in voice-over work is super useful. We are eager to experiment and discover how it can elevate our projects and overall work. But, we're equally focused on the stakeholders. Our goal is to harness AI without undermining the hard work of voice artists or compromising the reputation of any voice; famous or otherwise.

To this end, we have set strict guidelines for ourselves, which we are working to improve and release officially in the future. These are not just rules; they are our commitment to responsible use. They dictate not only the areas where AI can be used but also the manner of its application. We involve legal experts, ethicists, and, crucially, the voice-artists (or families of deceased voice-artists), when it comes to cloning AND training voice-synthesizers. And in the future we have our goal set on creating a universal guideline that can be used in the whole of EU, to ensure healthy and positive use of AI in audio.

Looking Forward

As we step into this new realm of possibilities, Fine Tune Audio is dedicated to leading the conversation on ethical AI use in our industry. We see AI as a tool - a powerful one, indeed - but one that must be wielded with care and respect for all involved.

So when we are asked about what we think of AI in audio and voice-over work? It’s absolutely exciting. But we believe that the future should be shaped thoughtfully, with a keen eye on both innovation and the ethical implications that come with it. We’re underway in developing an AI voice-service currently, which we will talk more about these considerations even more.