Dear Diego Molina

We hope you enjoyed the showreel above:D

We just wanted to leave a short thank you; for checking out the website and listening to our work. 

At Fine Tune Audio we have a passion for audio production and sonic branding. And as fellow marketeers you probably know how important a distinct and unique audible identity can be. We have been watching your earlier work and we think there is great potential for some amazing collaborative projects. Watching you demonstrate such a wide range of creative capabilities, from the fun and colorful Talcid commercial to the elegant and sophisticated Rituals commercial, and then onto the socially conscious Signify Carbon Neutral campaign. The level of detail, design, talent, and out-of-the-box thinking required to make each case unique and still fit so well with the intended message is inspiring. 

Our vision is that every brand has as much of an audible identity as a visual identity. Which is why we have developed our own database with voice-overs for agencies and commercial companies to use. We’re contacting you now because we thought you might like to check it out! I It uses the white labeling concept, and we think it would make it easier for creative agencies to coordinate and implement voice overs and audio production into your work, while still being under your branding. We also provide on-demand sound logos and custom produced audio, and we would love to share it all with you.

Take a listen at some of the samples we’ve prepared for you below, now you have a new set of headphones to enjoy it more. And reach out to us if you’d like to sit down and discuss this further over a cup of coffee (or wine if that’s more to your liking).

Voice Overs

Our voice-over productions for Young Capital, Ajax, Uber Eats and many other companies. We deliver standard studio quality recordings and it is possible to be present at recordings or dial in digitally.

We have developed a platform for creative agencies that allows you to submit a selection of our voices to your client in your own corporate style (or we can do this for you if necessary).

Bistrobar Beaune
Carpe Diem
Movie Trailer
Parkbee Radio Commercial
Vunzige Deuntjes
Test your new headphones!

Sound Logos

Listen to a selection of our sound logos. Sound logos are small pieces of audio that audibly represent your brand, just as a visual logo represents a brand visually.

Game Changer
Fine Tune Audio
Fine Tune Audio
Kick Off
Fine Tune Audio
Fine Tune Audio


We also write and produce a lot of music. We produce music for companies, events and even ghost productions for artists.

HTG Brand Music
Fine Tune Audio
White Wolf
Marcel Davids ft. Migloko
New Grounds
Fine Tune Audio

White Label Preview

If you are wondering how your voice over selection will look to your customers, we have made a preview. Using the white label concept your customers will always see your logo and brand colors on our platform, check it out!

contact info

David Marcel de Jong

Fine Tune Audio

Kerklaan 30-A, 9751 NN Haren

Studio phone: 050 211 3680

Mobile phone: 06 336 66 809


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