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Audio branding

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Effective branding is no longer a luxury for only the largest companies. Thanks in part to the internet, people are connecting with countless organizations, both large and small, in new ways every day. Logos, corporate styles, advertisements, merchandise and social media channels are the biggest factors in creating brand awareness and brand loyalty. All the while, audio branding is still fairly scarce. Yet, audio is one of the most powerful forms of branding. There is a world of opportunities out there, ready for the taking!

That's why Fine Tune Audio helps you develop an effective audio branding strategy. Through our music, voice-overs and sound logos your brand will become much more recognizable and your audience will remember you for a long time. We also help you find an appropriate strategy to apply your audio with precision. What is the method of Fine Tune Audio? We combine our creativity, years of knowledge and our healthy gut feeling with scores of big data and thorough research. In this way we create a suitable musical corporate identity that appeals to a large targeted audience. And still exactly matches what makes your brand really your brand.

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Music strategy

Custom music

Do you need music for a project, but you have no idea what kind of music would fit? We recognize what kind of music fits an image or story. By using music, people become more involved in your story.

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Brand voice

A set brand voice. For every brand.

You may need a voice-over for an indefinite time period. Choosing the best voice can be difficult, because the character of the voice-over has to match the story flawlessly. We have numerous voices in our database, so there is always a perfect match available. We are happy to help you choose a voice and give you several suitable options - each to last you a lifetime.

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Sound logos

A logo should be seen - and heard.

The use of sound logos is often underestimated by companies. Yet it makes a brand recognizable without the need for images. Think about Netflix for example, as soon as you hear the sound you are immediately in the mood to watch a movie or series. The team of Fine Tune Audio has years of experience in creating unique sounds, so we can make your brand even more recognizable.

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