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From musicians striving for that perfect recording, to podcasters looking for a professional setting to produce their content, a high-quality studio space is a game changer. Elevate your content with our exceptional studio space we recently built in Haren.

Studio for rent

We love coming to our studio every day; so much so that we even use it a lot in our spare time and the weekends. Now that we have two studios in Haren we want to share this possibility with you too. That's why we're renting out our second studio space to anyone with an interest and care for recording and music production, or even as a podcast space. This will of course be under supervision of one of our expert audio engineers, but you will have full freedom! So if you're looking for a studio space, then get in contact directly or read a bit more about what we offer below.

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Recording Studio

Are you an artist or playing in a band, you already know what difference it makes when you finally record in an acoustically adjusted studio and with proper equipment. Some of our gear include: Our Quested SR7 speakers, NUMBER diffuser mic and SOMETHING MORE!!!!

The sound is different, the quality of the gear is of another world and everything in the room is especially designed for your needs when recording. Quite a bit different from a home-production whether you do it yourself or one of our experts help you out. With a professional recording booth you will be one step closer to having a quality music that sounds exactly like what you want. No longer limited by the room and environment, the only thing stopping you is your own creativity.

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Music Production

Producers, DJ's and musicians will find that our studio is just like coming home after a long day at work. Everything you need and want available to you in a relaxed atmosphere. Go wild and create something from scratch, or mix and master your songs in an acoustically treated room. Should you need help or guidance on how our equipment works then our audio engineer is, as mentioned earlier, in studio to supervise and ensure that everything works properly. The precision and depth you can get from your audio in this room with our Quested speakers is a game-changer to make a perfect mix or master. Let your creativity loose and produce music in a professional environment. Get in contact for more info.

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Podcast Recording

Do you have a good set of friends that always have interesting conversations? Maybe even so interesting that you want to share those conversations with the world in a podcast. Well, then our studio has plenty of microphones, a cozy atmosphere and the technical gear you need to get a high quality podcast recording. Our experienced audio engineer is available to provide guidance and ensure the proper functioning and use of the equipment. Should you want music or any post production afterwards, we can provide that as well.

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Price Indication

Guaranteeing a set price is nearly impossible. However, here is a list over what kinds of prices you can expect from various services:

/  Studio Rent (excl/incl. audio engineer present):



But if you are unsure, we are always available for a cup of coffee or a nice phone call!

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Studio Recordings

Recordings for bands and artists.

Listen here to some studio recordings for bands and artists. The songs were not only recorded by, but also mixed by Fine Tune Audio.

Damage Control
Model Depose
Somebody told me you're here
Dolf de Vries (feat. Tollak)
Tommy Meyborg
Single Mission
Marcel Davids ft. Sofie Ijzerman
My Struggle
Marcel Davids

Check, double check.

The recording session at Fine Tune Audio is complete and your music is on tape. But the story is not over yet. Whether you have recorded a single song or a complete musical epic, we will mix and master your music to perfection. We tighten up all recordings, we remove any flaws and we add nuance to your music. And then we do the whole process all over again. This way you can be assured of a very clean end result: your musical story, recorded and heard in studio quality.

Mixing & Mastering

I consider the recording studio to be where I was born.

Jimmy IovineMusic producer

Guidance from A to Z.

Fine Tune Audio delivers exclusively studio quality recordings. This means that before, during and after the recording session we will help you to get the most out of your musical creation. Maybe your sound will benefit from a certain guitar amplifier or a special type of vocal microphone. Or we record that one verse in a slightly different way, giving you a lot of freedom of choice when editing and mixing the audio.

Ghost writing and production.

Can't manage to finish that one song in time for the recording session? Then we are happy to offer you our ghostwriting and production services. Our team of composers and sound engineers will be happy to help you ghost write and produce your music. 

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