Crafting audio that defines your brand.

Fine Tune Audio provides top-quality, custom audio solutions. We elevate your brand and captivate your audience.

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Driven by our love for sound, audio is our legacy.

Audio is our language. Our team of experts crafts audio that defines and personifies your brand, delivering a unique and memorable experience for your audience. Whether it's through voice-overs, music production, or sound design, we work with you to translate your brand identity into audio, bringing your brand to life and leaving a lasting impression on your audience. 

Together, we create your audio branding strategy, find your brand's voice and develop your unique musical style. With tailor-made audio we can reach your audience and take them on unforgettable sonic adventures through music, voice recordings and sounds. 

We take your film and media productions to the highest level. Let's create a world of sound that speaks to the heart of your brand - with the professional sounds of Fine Tune Audio. 

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Our Audio Solutions.  

Fine Tune Audios Blue Bottle Mic
Vocal Recording at Fine Tune Audio

Your project. Our voice.

Fine Tune Audio delivers recognizable and distinctive voice-over recordings. Listen and book the perfect voice for your project.

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Launchpad for music

Your brand. Audible.

Share your brand with the world through custom audio. Using our expertise we deliver a unique audio experience for every project.

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Your story. Tuned to excellence.

Enhance your video productions with textures and layers of sound.

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David Marcel de Jong in Studio

All audio services.

Are you in the market for something specific for your sound? Here is an overview of all the different services Fine Tune Audio provides. 

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The PLatform

Our voices. 
Your branding.
Become a reseller.

Are outdated voice-over methods holding you back? Struggling with inconsistent audio quality from various suppliers?  Tired of generic stock music and voices undermining your unique videos?

Our platform solution lets you easily book voice-overs that stand out and amplify your message. With guaranteed quality-recordings and processing, client communication, and an easy-to-use search system, you'll never want to get voices in any other way. To top it off, we offer a reseller discount if you frequently use our services.

Read more about it here, or sign up immediately and experience the difference it can make for film makers, creative agencies and animation studios alike. Let's work together to create the best products.

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Get an impression of our voice-over selection!

Hear our voices

Get your commercials on TV and Radio.

Traditional media like TV and radio still have an incredible impact, reaching people of all ages and walks of life, anywhere and everywhere. Here at Fine Tune Audio, we don't just record and clean up your sound – we also make sure you get the best bang for your buck on the ad space. We do this through our extensive network, we help with scriptwriting, and we find the right tone-of-voice for your audience. We've got all the technical stuff under control, and we know who to call and how to get the best deals for your project.

So, come on and put your best foot forward on Radio and TV. Let Fine Tune Audio handle the heavy lifting.

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Fine Tune Education

Kickstart your own voice-over career.

Are you interesten in voice-over work and eager to get started? Join Fine Tune Education and embark on an exciting journey with our specially developed Voice-Over Kickstarter course. Take the next step and become a professional voice-over artist: discover the secrets of captivating storytelling, master essential techniques, and kickstart your career in the voice-over industry. This course was created for less-experienced people in the world of voice-over.

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A selection of our music productions.

Fine Tune Audio
Fine Tune Audio
Arctic Springs
Fine Tune Audio
Day Dream
Fine Tune Audio
Work we are proud of

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Together we get further. Use our voice platform for your customers. 

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Authentic audio. Recognizable and unique.

Our studio is the cradle of countless projects of a musical nature. Productions of which we are all proud of. With our sharp eye for details, we compose custom-made audio and produce tracks for artists and bands of all kinds. Together we will come to a suitable audio solution - at a fair rate for all parties involved.

Fine Tune Audio also has a large database of previously composed music tracks, available for anyone who quickly needs something unique for their production.

Our apporach to audio
Recording Studio Groningen

Voice-overs with a distinct sound. For every project.

Voices come in all shapes and sizes. An important sounding narrator, a clear commentator or a cool sounding sales voice: here at Fine Tune Audio you will find the right voice for your every project.

We produce ready-to-use voice-overs in the highest quality. For television or radio commercials, online videos, slam poetry, explanations and all other purposes: on our audio platform you will find the voice you are looking for. Fine Tune Audio thinks with you about how your script will sou d best. We always mix all the audio to make sure your story stands out on every broadcast medium.

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Voice-over Groningen

Find your own sound. Boost your recognition.

Sound is the ultimate medium for conveying stories and emotions. After all, people are constantly communicating through sound. Music and sound are many times stronger than visual language. Fine Tune Audio offers sound design for movies, games and all other purposes.

We help you develop audio branding for your brand, and think with you about a suitable strategy to apply audio branding. We also create sound logos, because we believe that a logo should not only be visible, but must also be heard and felt.

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Sounddesign Groningen

We can startle you. Make you laugh. Make you cry. We compose melodies that linger in your mind, and even that one song whose title you just can't exactly remember.

David Marcel de JongFine Tune Audio - CEO

Our Customers

Fine Tune Audio is proud to have produced music and audio for among others:

For more than 2 years we have been working with 

Fine Tune Audio. 

A skillfull and flexible party that thinks with us and with whom it is a pleasure to work.

Sharon van KempenMarketing Manager - M line
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We create audio with a passion. Day in, day out.

To create something beautiful together with other creative minds: that is what makes us happy. Every day, we work for our clients with great pleasure. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. Personal contact is our top priority.

About Fine Tune Audio
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